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PVAZ Studios

Orlando Photography Studio Rental


Studio Space for Rent in Orlando FL

PVaz Studios is your local photography studio rental space in the Packing District of Orlando’s fastest-growing neighborhood, College Park. We are only minutes away from Downtown Orlando, FL.

You can rent this space for all of your creative photography and videography needs, and also hire PVaz for all types of photography.  Find more details about the studio below.

Photography Studio

Studio & Equipment Details

PVaz Studios has the following props available:

(1) White stool.

(1) Small brown one seater couch.

(3) Plaster Columns 35″

(1) Plaster Column 29″

(1) Large Clothing Rack

PVaz Studios has the following amenities:

Free Wifi


Parking with Handicap Accessibility

20 Guests Event/Workshop Capacity

Beautiful Natural Light



PVaz Studios has the lighting options:

(1) Godox AD400 Pro.

(1) Godox AD200 Pro.

(3) GVM 800D-RGB LED Studio Video Light With Softbox.

(3) 48 W 3-pack Softbox Lighting with 2.4G Remote Control Kit.

(1) Sekonic L-308X-U Flashmate Light Meter.

PVaz Studios has the following backdrops available:

(1) 3 roller wall mounting manual background support system.

(1) Yellowstone Wall by entrance.

*We only provide White Savage Seamless Paper with your booking.  (107” W x 12yd L)*

(Please see price and booking page for colored Seamless Paper availability.)

PVaz Studios also has the following:



(1) 5-in-1 reflector.


Studio Cost / Hr


Studio for Rent


Sq Feet


Days a Week

Photography Packages

Headshot Photos

$275per hour
  • Meeting, preliminary consultation
  • Shooting, color correction
  • Remote or On-site
  • Custom Parameters
$200per hour
  • Meeting, preliminary consultation
  • Shooting, color correction
  • Second photographer
  • Own transport
  • Extra light equipment
  • Photobook with 20 pages
  • 550+ edited photos

PVaz Photography

Photographer in Orlando

Photographer holding camera in black background

Hire a Professional Photographer

Hi, I’m Pedro! Thanks for checking out my studio. I started photography over 20 years ago and have experience in all different types of photography, videography, and creatives work. You can contact me about booking PVaz studios and/or hiring me for your upcoming session. I currently do a lot of commercial photography, fashion and budoir,


Start Cost / Hr


Years Experience

Send a detailed message and I’ll be sure to get back to you!


    Questions For PVaz Studios

    Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm EST

    Friday-Saturday 10am-7pm EST

    We accept walk-in but prefer if you call studio because doors may be closed with another client.

    Please call (407)-680-1936.

    Yes, PVaz has experience in many fields of photography. Feel free to email pvaz@pvazphotography.com

    or we can recommend a photographer for your photography needs.

    Pets are allowed. We just appreciate knowing ahead of time so we can fill the water bowl for your pet.

    Yes, you are allowed to bring your own equipment.

    No, we have an affordable hourly rate of $50.

    There is free parking and handicap accessibility right in front of the studio.

    Here’s what we recommend that is near our studio.

    7-Eleven on Princeton St.

    Mcdonald’s on John Young PKWY

    Wendys on John Young PKWY

    Wawa on John Young PKWY

    Yes, you can use the studio so it best suits your needs. Almost everything in the studio is lightweight and can be moved where needed except the backdrop.

    Someone will be available to open  studio for you as long as you book ahead. There is a 2 hour minimum for all bookings.

    Please make sure that you book enough time to set up your photoshoot and clean it all up within the block of time you have paid for. You must be out by the end of your block of time to ensure others behind you can start their own shoot on time. There is a fee for vacating the studio after your slotted time.

    Yes, you can either hire our house photographer “PVaz Photography” or you can hire your own and the photographer would have to rent the studio space for your session. We can also recommend a local photographer for your photography needs.

    We have a 9 Foot Ceiling.

    For equipment, camera rentals and expendables purchases we recommend Colonial Photo & Hobby.

    For lighting and equipment rentals we recommend ProGearOrlando.com

    Yes, Free Wifi. Information for password is inside the studio.

    We require payment in advance to book the studio. For cancellations please contact us at least 48 hours in advance. We do not issue refunds for cancellations within 48 hours of booking. Bookings start at the time of the reservation. If you arrive late and need to extend your booking past the schedule end time, that will count as overtime.

    For any other concern or questions you may have please email info@pvazstudios.com

    Contact PVAZ Studios

    Book your Orlando photography studio rental space with access to professional photographers for commercial, fashion, portrait, boudoir and other photography.

    Address: 2814 Silver Star Road, Orlando, FL 32808

    Phone #: 407-680-1936

    Email: booknow@pvazstudios.com

    Send a detailed message and I’ll be sure to get back to you!